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Reception for An exhibition by Ukraine-based artist Zinaida in the CVPA Campus Gallery

Reception for An exhibition by Ukraine-based artist Zinaida in the CVPA Campus Gallery
When: Tuesday, March 5, 2024
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Where: > See description for location
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Description: Zinaida: Transformation
Open Through March 25, 2024
Location: CVPA Campus Gallery, 285 Old Westport Road in Dartmouth, MA 02747
Reception: Tuesday, March 5, 5-7 pm, Artist Talk at 5 pm.
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All events are free and open to the public

UMass Dartmouth CVPA Campus Gallery is proud to present Transformation, an exhibition by Ukraine-based artist Zinaida in the CVPA Campus Gallery through March 25, 2024. A reception is planned for Tuesday, March 5, 5-7 pm at CVPA Campus Gallery at 285 Old Westport Road in Dartmouth, MA 02747 with an artist talk at 5 pm, during which Zinaida will call in from Kyiv via Zoom for a conversation with Nina Levent, Ph.D., Founding Director of Sapar Contemporary Gallery+Incubator, and UMass Dartmouth Gallery Director Viera Levitt, who will both be present in person. UMass Dartmouth Music students Davon Fuentes (piano), Bronwyn Pearson (flute), Austin Packard (violin), and Kathryn McGann (bass clarinet) will perform a Ukrainian folk song arranged for this event, "Oy u Luzi Chevrona Kalyna" ("Oh, the Red Viburnum In the Meadow"). Light refreshments will be served.
The gallery is located on the first floor of CVPA building.

The work, curated specifically for UMass Dartmouth, presents selections from the impressive body of video and photography work of this Ukrainian artist and activist. The exhibition is unified by its mesmerizing, meditative portrayal of universal femininity. In Zinaida's videos, mythical imagery flows in slow, deliberate movements and is often accompanied by eerie music, touching on symbolism, ancient rituals, and the passage to another world. Zinaida portrays the transformation or cycle of life, where a woman is a vessel, carrier of new life. "Due to the ability to give life, the female energy is the basis of all things," the artist explains.

The main large-scale video-projection, titled "Dakini," was inspired by the artist's field research of material and spiritual culture in Western Ukraine. The artist describes her experience of the region: "This is a special land, where spiritual culture has always been not only a part of mystical experience, but the basis of existence."

The exhibition's curator, Viera Levitt, says that she is "thrilled to be able to present this work that is equally powerful and meditative, while pointing to the strong spiritual roots and determination of the region, especially now, as we embark on the second anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine."
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